Yes, I’m un-convention-al.  Can’t stand all those people in one place. At a nasty Convention Centre or a ubiquitously bad Haliday Inn…  “Is there a good Haliday Inn?” I hear you enquire.

“Well, of course there is…” (She says, tongue firmly planted in cheek).  Drrriiinng  Drrrriiinng

(Speaking to you….) “Would you kindly excuse me one moment?”  (Speaking to the telephone…..)    “Hello-ee…

Well hello Susan from the Global Central Marketing Office of the Haliday Inn Chain of Hotels….  I’m fine thank you and how are YOU today?….

Yes, I WOULD like to stay at any of your hotels globally for-the-rest-of-my-earthly-and-ethereal-existence-absolutely-free-of-charge…

Well I look forward to receiving your Better-Than-Platinum-But-We-Don’t-Know-What-To-Call-It-Card in the mail within the next seven days… And YOU have a great day too….  Byeeeeeeee.”  (Back to you)

Where was I before I was so pleasantly interrupted?  Ah yes, unconventional.  Of course I’m being drole.  (Sorry couldn’t figure out how to do the little upside down v accent thing over the o).  Aren’t conventions (I’m speaking of the social kind, not the conference kind in this instance) –  dull dull dull.  Why?  Why do I have to do this stuff?   Doing what’s conventional or “right” if it is an arbitrarily chosen “rightness” bores me… Yawn yawn…

There’s a beautiful moment in ‘Gosford Park’ (the Julian Fellowes / Robert Altman masterpiece) where the Countess of Trentham (played gloriously by Dame Maggie Smith) sighs during preparations for yet more utter elitist self-indulgent decadence, while her Lady’s Maid runs herself ragged to pander to the Countesses every possible whim.

The Countess muses “Why does one have to do these things?”  It’s a priceless moment of utterly understated, delicious wit.

www.imdb.com/title/tt0280707/ – Thank you imbd.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwtZuGvawwY – Thank you You Tube.

I can’t tell you how many times I watched ‘Gosford Park”… well, I probably could, but you’d think I was bonkers… So I’ll guestimate… give you a ball-park (Ha) figure… I would say in the region of 20… naw… I’m still deceiving you… more like 40… Yep, that sounds about right…

Every time I watch I pick up more subtleties… the layers in this story are numerous… the intertwining of lives is brilliant… the – who did what to whom and when and what the consequences were – are wonderful.  It always makes me run the gamut of emotions… from extreme joy to profound sorrow.  The cast is more stellar than the night sky – check this out gosford park cast…(Thank you Google)  – so much talent in one film… having already mentioned Maggie the gem… I have to add Dame Eileen Atkins… and Dame Helen Mirren… dunno where to even start with this performance… there’s one scene, which I won’t go into just in case you haven’t seen the film… in which Helen has me in utter floods of tears… and I challenge the hardest heart not to do likewise !!

No surprise at all to me that ‘Downton Abbey’ is doing so well… like ‘Gosford Park’, it was written by Julian Fellowes.

Next week, my lovelies, I run hot and cold…

rooshkie. x.

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