A Wool-luf in Wool-luf’s Clothing.

It’s the wool-uf, it’s the wool-uf !!!  It’s still the wool-uf.  And here he is… still.

So I just watched The Wolf of Wall Street.  It’s a very long movie… very very long.  If I’d been at the Cinema, I would have got a bit cheesed off.  It’s too long.  As it was I was watching on Apple TV, so I could pause and go and have a cup of tea and a fag when I wanted.  Made my dinner.  Ate it.  Fed the dogs.  Walked the dogs.  More movie.  A very very long movie… did I say that already?  Sorry, my brain is a bit fucked right now from watching a very very long movie, about a fucking dodgy stockbroker.

Ok, so Leo is great, as are many of his co stars, and in a way it’s quite compelling… but, I was perpetually waiting for the money shot… and I mean the emotional money shot or the spiritual one, or even the financial one… the one that comes from conscience maybe.  But it never came.  Sad.

I thought after all that excess… and his excess was one of utter utter self-absorbed-ness (OK it’s not a word, but as I’ve said before, if I want it to be, it’s a word).  Complete and utter self-absorbed-ness.  Jordan only gives a fuck about one thing, the entire long long movie long, Jordan only ever gives a fuck about Jordan.  Endlessly.

I mean I thought the novel Anna Karenina was long !!!  And at least in that there’s a denoument, and a noument – is that a word… probably not (but…. you know how it goes).

Clearly I’m being deeply facetious comparing The W of W St to AK.  There is NO comparison… except the long-ness.

The excess of silly silly amounts of money – the very “best” of everything, and the very very poor taste of many people who’ve made lots of money very quickly.

Also the excess of Hookers… oh God really… do we really have to see this stuff time and time again.  I think most of us growed ups know what Hookers do.  It’s too dull to be saturated in Hookers (I expect there are those who would beg to differ).

The excess of drugs… I mean fully seriously – how he didn’t overdose, I can’t imagine.  However, that said, the scene at the Country Club – although it shouldn’t be funny – it IS – really funny.

The excess of excess.

But, it’s still a good movie.  I’m not totally bagging it.  Leo is a superb actor.   His co-stars are excellent.  I understand that the excess is making a point… about excess… and about selfishness.

So, there I was hours later still waiting for the pay off so to speak.  I wanted his downfall.  This man was utterly immoral (even though on some level I wanted to like him).   He didn’t care who he ripped off.  He did not care that he was “investing” (read as stealing) the life savings of Mom and Pop investors all over America.  He just didn’t care – in fact, worse than that he reveled in it – he despised them.

So here I am – being an ethical, decent person… waiting for this money shot – the one where Jordan finally realises what a self-absorbed, immoral, brutal shit he really is.  But it never comes.  He never gets it.  When he’s arrested he sings.  He’s still the ultimate in selfish.  He betrays EVERYONE in his life.

All of his inner-sanctum cohorts, all men (sorry, not my making, they just were) are little boys.  Small children in expensive suits.  Tiny boys snorting coke off Hookers arses.

Their utter self-indulgence and lack of awareness of their own immorality indicates that these boys never left the nursery.  They never got (emotionally or spiritually or ethically) past the age of four.  Their bodies grew, their brains grew (not a lot but they did – physiologically) and yet they remained bratty little boys full of a sense of complete entitlement.  I WANT IT, SO I WILL HAVE IT, and I don’t CARE who suffers.  (Stamps foot).

Yep, shame really.  But I guess sometimes the money shot never comes (pun intended).

Jordan never sheds his wolf’s skin.  He never becomes a sheep.  He NEVER has the epiphany I watched the entire effing movie in order to see.

Honestly, I’d rather watch the Hanna Barbera cartoon –  http://youtu.be/MFYomQylE6E – it’s a LOT shorter.