Oh Lord, Two Years…

… Gosh, I haven’t posted anything for two years.  I was considering “shutting it down” but I LIKE writing, so that hasn’t stopped.  I just stopped publishing, because… well, to be honest, because it’s a strange thing to publish a blog.

Especially given that my blog is not an “academically detached” one.  I don’t write about things from a stepped-back perspective.  I don’t opinionise from a distance.  I’m right in there… this is the REAL ME.  So yes, it can be a bit confronting – for me I mean, let alone for you !!

Yes, “opinionise” is my own made-up word.  Well, fucking Shakespeare did it all the time – why shouldn’t I !!??  (that might be the only time since he was actually alive that anyone has referred to him in print using the phrase “fucking Shakespeare”.

As a little segued story, someone once said to me, “Why didn’t Shakespeare just write normally, without all that FANCY wording”.  Oh ha, ha ha, how I laughed.  Right in their face I think, couldn’t help myself.

So, we’re back.  And the only person who ever comments… or perhaps the only person who even reads my blog… is Jack.  So thanks for that Jack.

You would think… well, I would think…  that people who know me (they don’t even have to particularly like me – I couldn’t give a rats’ posterior), but you’d think they might read this  blog just now and again, wouldn’t you ? – Family, friends, and so on… but it appears not.  Either that or they’re reading and not FEEDING (back)… which feels quite non-reciprocal, from my POV.  Honestly, if someone were to say – Wow Rooshkie, that blog was complete CACA… it would be better than nothing at all.  (Please don’t say it’s CACA).

So we persevere (that was the Rooshkie Royal We… by which I mean ME).

Rooshkie. x



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