Environ-mental !!!


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Sitting in a cafe the other day, I could overhear (how could I not have – loud, shouty types they were) a couple of City Slickers discussing the “environment”. They REALLY seemed to think that they cared about the environment, about animals, about forests, and grasslands and wetlands MORE than the “country bumpkins”. There was a lot of stuff about farmers “ruining” the environment and the countryside. And I thought, wow, that’s so counter-intuitive… and them with all their urban cleverness… Sheesh.

My experience is that “Country folk” care about the countryside SO MUCH, that they actually LIVE IN IT !!!

These two were banging on about what the people who live in rural areas should and shouldn’t do… and I wanted, Oh how I wanted to say… “Do you know what… most country folk couldn’t give a pigs arse (you’d call that “leg of pork”) what you do… because they’re too busy working.”

To assume that after a couple of “countryside short breaks” that a townie knows how it operates, how it functions, how the people live in the countryside, is utter Bollocks… In fact, more than that, it’s Bullocks Bollocks!! You can only understand country people by living in the countryside.

Those City workers go home and sit in their electricity guzzling suburban house with the Heating or air con on constantly, eating eggs and bacon for breakfast, having fresh milk in their leading brand of coffee, reading the Financial Times (BTW they’re made from trees…shock horror amazement, stop the logging!!).

I think some city people have forgotten where all “dis shit” comes from… you know I mean the food, the consumables, etc – not the actual shit… which one does find in abundance in the countryside… and anyone who goes all squeamish over this might actually remember that ALL ANIMALS POO… it’s a simple fact, YOU included… try and get used to this basic tenet of life, and other things might become easier to accept !!!

It’s hard enough for farmers to keep stock (literally not figuratively), to ensure that it’s healthy, to make it grow and prosper, to make money out of it…so that Mr & Mrs C.T. Slicker can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, without then being criticised by people who know pig all about pig all about farming !!

The vast majority of farming folk that I’ve met care passionately about the countryside, about the animals they rear, and about the wildlife around them. They care about the trees and the grasslands and the birds. Most farmers have a more intimate knowledge of, and a greater love for, these things than urban folk will ever know or comprehend.

City lives are unfathomable to a farmer who lives in nature, who is blessed to be upon the land, breathing the clean crisp air every glorious day.

Now let’s recite…

God Speed The Plough,

AKA The Farmers’ Prayer…

(Dedicated to my Grandparents – lifelong farmers from generations of farmers.)

Let the wealthy and great
Roll in splendour and state,
I envy them not I declare it.

I eat my own lamb,
My own chickens and ham,
I shear my own fleece and I wear it.

I have lawns, I have bowers,
I have fruit, I have flowers,
The lark is my morning alarmer.

So jolly boys now,
Here’s God speed the plough,
Good luck and long life to the farmer.

Amen ….

(Small note that I personally don’t eat lamb or ham, but… no judgement… not much anyway… perhaps a bit… poor Lambkins… poor Piggy Wiggy… ethical choice is yours).

So, back to the two be-suited and be-spectacled ones in the cafe – those two should go back to their climate-controlled 40th floor office; check the NASDAQ, then check the NADSAQ… grow some … and MYOB.

Oh yeah… One more thing… Why does Keith URBAN make country music ?

I’ve NEVER understood that.

Rooshkie. x.


9 thoughts on “Environ-mental !!!

  1. Interesting article, unfortunately my brain just goes “UGH” when I see graphs. Pictures of pigs… you have my interest… graphs… not so much.

  2. Basically it says we are running out of fossil fuels – or to be more precise – the value of fossils fuels is dwindling (regardless of the amount left, which is dwindling too), so in a decade or so we are going to face shortages either way – and considering that our entire (western) civilisation is designed on fossil fuels (we need it for everything) – we are likely to end up having to go without to a certain extent – so back to the Middle Ages – horses and carriages and all that – maybe it’s time to dust off all the period classics and brush up on how people were living back then (water from the well, rose lamps, vegetable gardens, etc)

    • Ha, that’s so funny. I’m a period classics aficionado. No need for me to dust them off, they’re my staple read. So, yep, I’d be really happy to go back to horse transport, or even, shock horror – walking. In Devon I lived in a 400 year old cottage, with a massive fireplace, so most nights I was really happy to just light the fire and a couple of candles. Electric light is so harsh anyway. I could quite happily “revert”.

  3. (*kerosene lamps…). Or perhaps solar panels – the problem with them is that they don’t last all that long. Or perhaps wind-farms – the problem with them is that you need fossil fuels to build them. Renewable energies will only be a partial solution.

    • I guess the more of us that WANT renewable sources of energy, the more we lobby governments for this, the more research goes into them, the more money for development, and the better they get, in terms of durability and storage of energy. I believe that “batteries” for solar energy have evolved massively in recent years in their capacity and longevity of storage. Perhaps the renewables nay-sayers should go sit in a deep cave somewhere and meditate – in silence – for a few years. x.

      • I agree about the nay-sayers well said. From my own research an from discussions with people who have done a lot of research about this topic ( I was part of an energy-transition discussion group for a while), my conclusion is that due to the nay-sayers having caused a mayor delay in rolling out renewables faster, we have in fact run out of time to replace fossil fuels in time before there’s an energy crunch… so some countries will be in a better position than others – all depending on how far they have progressed. Anyway – time will tell how it all transpires, but it’s probably best not to get over reliant on resource intensive tools and gadgets. Gazillions of mobile devices and cars being added to the global energy demand doesn’t help – in terms of our reliance (addition to?) on energy.

      • As you say, time will tell. It won’t affect “me” anyway cos I’m getting rid of my car and getting a horse. A neigh-sayer ! ha. How I amuse myself. x.

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