Billionaire AND Philanthropist. Huh?


To have money to burn

© Andrey Andreev | Dreamstime Stock Photos

For a person to spend 30 years perpetuating a system which creates fiscal inequity and then at 50 go all “philanthropy” gives me a problem.  To suddenly decide that “I want to help the poor starving kiddies in Bongo Bongo land”, when one has spent the lion’s share of one’s career working within the very system that distorts and delineates fiscal worth and reward, has got to be the arc of hypocrisy.

I find it a bit sick making.  With people for whom “compassion” is not something they’re terribly familiar with, “charity” (not a word I like) is often just another extension of their egos, in the same way that amassing disproportionate wealth is.  It’s more like “Look at me giving money and clothing and raising money for those poor exploited women / kiddies in “Insert third world nation name”… I MUST be a “good person”… I am a “Philanthropist” – new word everyone seems to like.

I saw an interview on TV with Bill Gates… in which he was described in the super – the text under his image – as “BILL GATES, BILLIONAIRE PHILANTHROPIST”.  I hope, dear Lord I hope that that was done without his input / consent.  To describe yourself as a “Billionaire Philanthropist” must be the zenith of ego, and the deepest chasm of spiritual poverty.

To be honest, my attitude is that if you have, through sheer fucking luck, opportunity, and being able to “fit in” with the way the “system” works and rewards what we call “hard work” (soul-destroying, line-toeing, sycophantic-bum-crawling, back-stabbing dishonesty, & toadyism), and you have amassed “disproportionate” wealth, then it is your DUTY to help those in need.  DUTY.

I’m tired of the dog-eat-dog, every man (what about the women I scream in mock hysteria) for himself kind of world… it isn’t my world, and it isn’t one that I can be “successful” in.

Gosh, why is “successful” in inverted commas – what are you getting at Rooshkie ?   I guess my point is… define success ?!  Is it riches ?  That’s what most people I know seem to think.  Riches or status.  That’s all.  Nothing else.  Nothing else rates.

Honesty, decency, ethics, kindness, caring, compassion, genuine goodness of idea, intention and action… do not rate on the “success” scale.  They are as nothing.  In fact they are treated with a particular kind of contempt reserved only for “deluded idealists”.

So, for those of us who don’t “fit” the Westernised first-world notion of “success”… let’s fucking hope there’s another judge !!!

I’m pretty much depending upon it myself, that when I get to the Pearly Gates of Nirvana, that Allah Buddha Muhammed Jesus Mary & Joseph or whomever, says,

“Yes, Rooshkie – you had it right all along, and all of those “successful” people (read as self-serving, pocket-filling) have to go back and try again”, and YOU my dear, get to stay here in Heaven AKA Nirvana (not the band, nothing to do with Kurt Cobain) AKA Shangri-La (not the Hotel chain), and live out the remainder of eternity (!) in bliss”.

Rooshkie (en route… not too soon if you please… to Heaven).  x.